Playground Markings


Playground games have always been an important part of childhood. In a bid to encourage more kids to be active during school break we can paint appropriate playground markings in schoolyards to encourage children to be more active during their breaks or during PE classes. Lines, shapes and patterns on the playground can be used to encourage children to have fun and exciting and challenging games.

Physical activity is essential for physical, psychological, emotional and social health and should be seen as everyone’s daily lifestyle. By encouraging children to take part in active games we can help them to get into good habits.

The aim of playground markings is to increase the level of school based physical activity and play, as well as increasing the number of children who are active. Playground markings offer children the oppertunity to be physically active during their school day and encourage children to take part in active games that can help them to develop physically. The nature of the games is such that even the least active children can get some enjoyment from playing the games.

Our designs are both bright and colourful, ideal for encouraging healthy outdoor activities and creativity through play.

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